Template:Alien Hunter
Miami 7, Episode 08
Air Date 27 May 1999
Song(s) We Can Work It Out
Previous Volleyball
Next Missing

Template:Alien Hunter is the eigth episode of Miami 7 which was first broadcast on 27 May 1999.

Summary Edit

The band become the stars of the fictional hit TV series, Alien Hunter; the hotel is used as a filming location. Tina, dressed as an alien, falls asleep in a laundry truck and wakes up in a busy shopping mall, where she meets a handsome photographer.

Meanwhile, Tina's dad suddenly turns up at Paradise Hotel and blames Howard for her mysterious disappearance. Meanwhiwle, Rachel and Hannah have a slight falling out over Rachel's teasing Hannah about her role on the show.


  • Cathy Dennis guest stars in this episode as Cinnamon Hunter. She is known for writing some of S Club 7's hit songs.
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