• AlisonAforever

    have a new life

    June 23, 2013 by AlisonAforever

    back in my day's what I see it was sclub7 and all I  could be wtaching or listening but what

    in a day when thing's get in to you or tell you wan to do but guess what I,am me and here they power line club s handshake that will heppen.

    What I,am saying let your heart talking and dont even have to think do the right reason or grab it while it can and all.

    I know this doesn't make any sense no but guess what do let yourself just believe I alway's am in the darkand believe.

    In this blog i will say but will or could within what of external  defines dont let that happen.

    Why why should we can no action no just believe and turst that will work just fine.

    heart or feeling's like whatever buy we can say never say never from {justin Bieber song}

    parnets doe…

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