Hollywood 7, Episode 02
Air Date October 4, 2001
Song(s) It's Alright
Previous The Last Chance
Next Public Relations

Dosh is the second episode of Hollywood 7 which was broadcast for the first time on October 4, 2001.

Summary Edit

Feeling sad, the group are cheered up when their first paycheck arrives. Apart from Jo, who decides to save hers, the group go on a spending spree. Hannah buys some fish, Bradley tries to impress a girl, Paul buys some new water equipment, Jon gets a year pass for Universal Studios, Tina pays for a $600 dance class and Rachel buys some new clothes.

However, when they compare paychecks, the group realise they are being paid different amounts. The group decide to confront Dean about it and they find out that the reason is that they are paid according to how popular they are.

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