Fall Out
L.A. 7, Episode 09
Air Date June 1, 2000
Song(s) Stand by You
Previous Mr Muscle
Next Game Boy

Fall Out is the ninth episode of L.A. 7 which was broadcast for the first time on June 1, 2000.

Summary Edit

Jon gets a job modelling for a catalogue and Rachel and Tina give him posing tips. Brad and Jo apply for the same job at Buddy's Burgers and have to dress up as a burger and a hot dog, but it all ends up in a big fight.

Paul and Hannah play chess in order to find out which one of them will wash the dishes, but they also end up falling out over it. Jon's modelling job is a disaster and tempers are really frayed back at the flat, to such an extent that none of the band are talking to each other.

However, when Joni returns, she shows the band Jon's advertisement for spot cream, and the gang can't do anything but make up, and laugh together.

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