I Dream

I Dream is a British children's musical television comedy programme aimed at and mostly about teenagers, which aired in 2004 on CBBC.

Plot Edit

It was set at an esteemed performing arts college near Barcelona, Spain, and focuses on thirteen youths who are invited to enrol at the college, Avalon Heights, over the summer. All eight members of the pop group S Club 8 star in the show alongside five other young actors and actresses and Hollywood film actor Christopher Lloyd.

Dream has the members of S Club 8 playing supposedly exaggerated versions of themselves, albeit with identical names to their real life counterparts. Each episode of the show includes several (usually two or more) songs and dance numbers involving both members and non-members of the band. Cast member George Wood called the show "a modern day Fame".

Cast Edit

  1. Frankie Sandford: Frankie
  2. Hannah Richings: Hannah
  3. Calvin Goldspink: Calvin
  4. Daisy Evans: Daisy
  5. Stacey McClean: Stacey
  6. Jay Asforis: Jay
  7. Aaron Renfree: Aaron
  8. Rochelle Wiseman: Rochelle
  9. Helen Kurup: Khush
  10. Rachel Hyde-Harvey: Amy
  11. Lorna Want: Natalie
  12. Matt Di Angelo: Felix
  13. George Wood: Ollie
  14. Christopher Lloyd: Professor Toone
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