L.A. 7
L.A. 7
Aka S Club 7 in L.A.
Genre British Sitcom
Family Entertainment
Theme Reach
No. of episodes 13
Original run 6 April 2000 –6 July 2000
Followed by Miami 7
Hollywood 7
Viva S Club

L.A. 7 was the second series of the S Club 7 television series which featured all seven members as well as other characters.

The series ran on CBBC on BBC One from 6th of April 2000 – 6th of July 2000, and contained thirteen episodes.

Plot Edit

The second series saw the group enter L.A. hoping to make it big. After leaving Howard and Marvin in Miami, the group bump into Joni (The Exorcist star Linda Blair) who offers to rent them an apartment after she accidentally runs over Bradley on her rollerblades.

Once in Los Angeles, the group have to quickly deal with some of the realities of trying to seek an existence in order to become a pop band. They also start to become more Americanized. In the final episode, they decide to pack up and hit the road after their manager apparently fails to get them a record deal.

List of episode Edit

  1. Into the Unknown
  2. Clever Camp
  3. Hello Hollywood
  4. Misguided
  5. The News
  6. Prom
  7. House-Sitting
  8. Mr Muscle
  9. Fall Out
  10. Game Boy
  11. Making Movies
  12. Working
  13. Goodbye Hollywood


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