Mr Muscle
L.A. 7, Episode 08
Air Date May 25, 2000
Song(s) Reach
Previous House-Sitting
Next Fall Out

Mr Muscle is the eighth episode of L.A. 7 which was broadcast for the first time on May 25, 2000.

Summary Edit

Tina gets a job as an exercise instructor down at Muscle Beach, where one of her pupils, Ryan, asks her out on a date. A little later on the same beach, Jon falls out with a bodybuilder type who tries to steal Jon's sunbed when he goes to get ice cream for himself and Rachel.

The bodybuilder, who turns out to be Ryan, Tina's date, challenges Jon to an arm wrestle, which Jon agrees to. Tina has to try and persuade Ryan not to arm wrestle with Jon, but Ryan doesn't want to look weak to his friends.

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