Supporting Parts (2)
Hollywood 7, Episode 11
Air Date December 6, 2001
Song(s) Don't Stop Movin'
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Next The Concert

Supporting Parts (2) is the eleventh episode of Hollywood 7 which was broadcast for the first time on December 6, 2001.

Summary Edit

After ruining Miguel Delgado's concert and making him lose his memory, the group decide to hang low. So, they decide to hide out in a dirty motel.

Finding themselves broke, they send Hannah and Jon back to the apartment in disguise - Hannah dressed as a hairy Irishman and Jon as a girl! When they are out trying to get money from the apartment, Miguel - thinking Jon is a girl - asks him out on a date.


  • In US, the title of this episode was called "The Vanishing".
  • This was the second time S Club 7 performed Don't Stop Movin'. The first was Doing the Deal and the third was To Solve a Problem Like Maria.
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