The Last Chance
Hollywood 7, Episode 01
Air Date September 27, 2001
Song(s) Show me your Colours
Previous Goodbye Hollywood
Next Dosh

The Last Chance is the first episode of Hollywood 7 which was broadcast for the first time on September 27, 2001.

Summary Edit

Still in Hollywood, S Club 7 decide to give themselves 24 hours to find a manager, or else they will return to England and split up as a band. Whilst searching, Jo and Bradley pay for the help of Psychic Pete who tells them they will find success at the place where the big silver birds go to die.

Meanwhile, an unsuccessful manager, Dean Strickland (played by Barry Williams) gives himself 24 hours to find talent or else he will give up his career. He too enlists the help of Mystic Pete who tells them he will find success where the big silver birds go to die. Luckily, Tina saves Dean from a thief stealing his watch and so the gang end up coming into contact with him.


  • This is the first appearance of Dean Strickland.
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