The News
L.A. 7, Episode 05
Air Date May 4, 2000
Song(s) N/A
Previous Misguided
Next Prom

The News is the fifth episode of L.A. 7 which was broadcast for the first time on May 4, 2000.

Summary Edit

Paul falls in love with Linda, a bossy TV newsreader, who constantly talks as if she's reading the news. The rest of the group are not impressed with Paul's new girlfriend, especially when she tells him to leave the band, because "news-reading is the only option".

Meanwhile, after Rachel organises a gig at a Surfing Party, Hannah and Tina try to impress a couple of them by pretending they are surfers themselves. Jo also has problems when she cannot get to sleep, due to Bradley keeping her awake with his sleep-dancing and sleep-hoovering!

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